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Measuring distances and angles

CrystalExplorer also includes basic tools for conventional structure analysis.

You can measure distance and angle between objects by clicking on the appropriate toolbar buttons before selecting your objects to measure.

Measuring distances

  • Select two atoms (using left-click); the atoms are highlighted in green and the distance is shown.
  • Select an atom then (left) click a point on a surface; the distance between the atom and the selected surface point is shown.

Tip: Double (left) click on an atom or a surface; then single or double (left) click on another atom or surface; the minimum distance between the two objects is shown. Nice.

Measuring angles

Select three atoms in sequence. An arc will be drawn between the first and third atoms, with the second atom at the centre. The angle will be displayed on the screen.

For the dihedral angles, in-plane and out-of-plane bends you need to select four atoms. These angles include a translucent green plane to help the user visualise the angle. This translucent green plane is best viewed on a non-white, non-black background.

The undo measurement button removes that last measurement made and the selection arrow button exits measurement mode and reverts to normal selection mode.