Windows Downloads

Installation Instructions

Running the executable installer and following the installation wizard should suffice. CrystalExplorer should work on older versions of Windows (7, 8), but it has not been extensively tested on these platforms. Note that shortcuts are not currently installed, so launching the program from the installation folder is the way to go.

MacOS Downloads

Installation Instructions

Open the disk image file, and copy into your applications folder (or wherever you wish).

GNU/Linux Downloads

Installation Instructions

On ubuntu and other debian linux variants, simply running

                        sudo dpkg -i Crystalexplorer-17.5-ubuntu-16.04.deb
should be enough to install CrystalExplorer and its dependencies. It is also possible to install through Ubuntu Software Center by opening the .deb file, but this may warn about the format of the package. Nevertheless, it should work.

Thanks for downloading CrystalExplorer, let us know if you have any bug reports.